Local Wood

Labels for locally grown fruits and vegetables are commonplace now at the local supermarket. Buying local tomatoes supports the farmer and the community. But about that item you purchase only once and awhile, like a wooden spoon or dining room table? Do you check the label to see where the wood came from or if that's even mentioned? Felled trees are considered products of agriculture, just like tomatoes. We hope to extend the mindset that searches for the best tomatoes at the local market to also hold the same high standard to the wooden spoon. We seek to foster links between wood producers, artists and artisans and customers who would like to purchase a wooden spoon from a sugar maple tree or some other item that was manufactured from wood that was harvested from a sustainably managed forest in New England. 

CT grown logo wood
UConn Forest Wood Products
Locally grown, harvested, processed and manufactured are often available at UConn, made of wood from trees that have been harvested at UConn Forest. The UConn Forest Crew produces firewood, lumber, cutting boards, benches and other specialty items for sale.
lumber ready to be sold
boards of wood
hand made cutting boards
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More about local wood products:
Connecticut DEEP Forestry Division "Connecticut Grown Program" - http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.aspa=2697&Q=484488&deepNav_GID=1631

Connecticut Professional Timber Producer's Association - https://www.timproct.org