Forestry Professionals

Consulting Foresters

are private independent professionals who earn their living managing forestland for woodland owners. They also serve as the landowner's representative in marking, tallying and marketing timber and other forest products. Most offer a full range of forest and wildlife management services. They charge for their services, either on a per diem basis or as a percentage of gross income received for wood products sales which they oversee.

Industrial Foresters 

work for a wood using industry, usually a sawmill. Most offer professional marketing services if you sell your timber to their employer; a few offer comprehensive management services as well. The cost of their services is usually not charged directly to the landowner, but incorporated into the price received for the timber purchased. Visit the CT Professional Timber Producers Association website.

Service Foresters 

are CT DEEP Forestry Division skilled professional employees and CT-Certified Foresters that can visit individual properties at no cost to the land owner. They can provide Connecticut woodland owners with professional planning and technical forestry assistance.


woman working the UConn sawmill in the forest
Working the sawmill in the UConn Forest.

Tom Worthley measuring the depth of damage done by emerald ash borers on a tree
Thomas Worthley, associate extension professor, points out damage caused by emerald ash borers on a tree along Horsebarn Hill Road on Aug. 29, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)